There was a time when social media was thought to be a fad.

Lucky for us, it wasn’t. 


Fast forward to today and social media management provides amazing opportunities for people like you to build the business of your dreams.

An opportunity that allows you freedom, flexibility, and working on a laptop in your favorite work from home couture. It’s the best, right?!

Ready to dive into the top 3 misconceptions about being a social media manager? Let’s go!


Misconception 1: Social media managers get paid to play on Instagram all day

Sure there are businesses out there that may undervalue social media managers, but we aren’t allowing that anymore…k? This all starts with mindset.

What you do matters. You are resourceful, creative, and always working hard to stay ahead of the curve

As social media managers we are a mix of writers, designers, strategists, analysts, and community builders.

We not only save our clients time, but we make them look good online and bring in leads, too!


Misconception 2: You have to be an expert at all the platforms to succeed

The best part about being a social media manager? You don’t have to know all.the.things. Choose which platform (or platforms) you want to manage:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

And choose which tasks you want to offer:

Profile optimization

Content creation

Hashtag strategy

Engage with & grow community

Run & manage ads

Monitor analytics

Create progress reports

Design graphics

Create newsletter

Keep in mind many SMMs focus on just one platform and a handful of tasks, and there are others who offer all the bells and whistles.

It’s all entirely up to you and your expertise! 


Misconception 3: A Social Media Management business can’t be lucrative

Oh the amount of times I’ve heard this one. Here’s the thing…

With the right strategy, mindset, and experience you can (and will) become a profitable social media manager.

And not only can it be lucrative, it can be fun and flexible, too!

Social media managers are INVALUABLE. And what you do for businesses is nothing short of amazing.

So remember this…your social media management business should allow you freedom, AND allows you to be creative and work on your own terms.

With the right pricing and right clients, you’ll be well on your way to consistent 4-figure months.


Are you ready to leave the overwhelm behind and FINALLY be booked out with dreamy clients and have the kind of work–life balance you started your own business for?!

Good! Because you deserve it.

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