Let me guess…you’ve listened to all the advice out there on how to create successful Reels but…something is missing.

Sure there are tricks to get more views and stop the scroll, but if your Reels aren’t a magnet for new engaged followers or clients…what’s the point?!

People love short form pieces that are easy to digest + they love to be entertained so keep it upbeat & simple.

And to help you out so today I’m sharing the THREE types of Reels that convert like crazy AND giving you the how-tos (along with examples) so you can create them for your business, too!

Ready, set, get your Reel on.

Your next 3 killer Reels below:

🎞 Reel 1: Emotion – This is the Reel that evokes emotion & moves your audience

How to create it: In the video share a message your audience needs to hear and/or use trending audio that includes an inspiring quote. Then in the caption empathize with your ideal client by sharing a story (your story, a client’s story, etc) to lift them up.

Why they work: A brand isn’t what you say, it’s how you make people feel so tug at those heart strings because they’ll likely save it when they need a pick-me-up or they’ll share it with a friend.

To help, here’s an example!

🎞 Reel 2: Playful Humor – This is the Reel that makes them laugh because they can likely relate to it.

How to create it: In the video, use funny trending audio (lip syncs are great for this) and relate it to something your ideal client would understand. Then in the caption either share a quick/funny story or educate the viewer by providing tips. If you go the latter route be sure to include text in the Reel that there are tips in the caption.

Why they work: These types of Reels encourage comments, shares, and saves like crazy. They also make you feel more approachable because people feel understood.

To help, here’s an example!

🎞 Reel 3: Mind Blowing – This is the Reel where you teach them something they don’t know.

How to create it: In the video share a simple bite sized tip, a quick hack, or a broken down list (extra points in you include a transition. The in the caption, educate further by breaking down the advise/tip.

Why it works: This helps establish you as an expert and build authority without giving everything away. And because it’s easily digestible (and actionable) information, people want to watch it again so they can put it into action.

To help, here’s an example!

Remember, friend…people love short form pieces of content that are easy to digest + they love to be entertained so keep it upbeat & simple!

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Now let’s hear it! Which Reel will you create first?! 1, 2, or 3?