Let’s talk Reels since a lot of you are feeling like I did when they first came out…a mix of “OH YAY” and “OH GAAAAHHHHH I HAVE TO DO MORE THINGS”?!

But like all new features on IG, don’t let it overwhelm you.


We have to remember this is still Instagram…it is NOT TikTok. So don’t think you have to start Diddy Boppin’ all over your living room, ok?

What I want you to do is think about your audience on Instagram. What content do they want to see?!

So first things first, go to your Insights on Instagram and peep your top performing posts for inspiration and create a different version in Reels format!


Still stuck? You know I got you.


Here are 5 ideas that are easy and fun and you can get it done in 15 seconds or less:


Idea #1: Share what would be in your starter kit if you were just starting your business today!

Example: 3 things you need to start your social media management business…then share your 3 must haves.


Idea #2: Share a hack or tip!

Example for photographers: 3 tips to take better photos with your iphone


Idea #3: Share your must have tools for your business

Example: A scheduling tool, your invoicing system, and something very specific to your niche


Idea #4: Share 3 reasons you started your business

Example: You want to serve others who need help with ______, you wanted more freedom in your life, you wanted to stay home with your kids


Idea #5: Share a motivational/inspiring message

Example: Encourage your following to keep going and chase their dreams. Not sure exactly what to say? Go to Pinterest for inspo!


That’s it!! You ready?! Happy Creating!!


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