I know it’s easy to blame the algorithm and get upset at the ‘Gram when we don’t see results, but we have to remember that Instagram is a FREE app (I repeat…FREE) that allows you to grow your biz.


But to stand out you have to know your target audience, share the problem you solve, & make people feel connected to your brand.


So if you’re struggling, don’t get mad at Instagram.


Check your brand.


And because helping you simplify Instagram to the point that it’s no longer overwhelming makes me happier than Real Housewives marathons, Target trips, and oat milk lattes combined, I’m here to help you gain some clarity and refocus.

And look…I know it can feel frustrating at times, but what we’re NOT gonna do is overcomplicate social media.


Because here’s the thing…if you have a brand that resonates with your ideal customers, provides a personal touch, and makes people FEEL, Instagram becomes a WHOLE lot easier *cue exhale*

And when you have a brand that makes people feel, guess what happens…


Your audience regularly engages with your content & they become megaphones for your business. And THEN guess what happens…



Tired of feeling discouraged? Get a pen and paper, grab a latte (or cocktail…this should be fun, ok?!), and let’s do a pulse check on your brand.



Write down your answers to these 3 questions:

What problem do you solve?

Who is your ideal client and what is their desire?

How does your brand make people feel?


If you’re wondering why the last question is in the mix, always remember this…

At the end of the day a brand is how you make people feel. And people want to feel seen, heard, and understood.

And Instagram allows you to create experiences, share stories, and truly help your ideal clients/customers so they see (and feel) your brand’s true value.


So now it’s time to get to the root of your ideal client’s needs and desires and truly shine online so you can watch the likes, views, comments, shares, saves, and sales come in!




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