Out of ideas, frustrated, and scratching your head when your posts, stories, reels —oh my!— don't get the traction you'd hoped?
(After all, it's not like social media is your specialty.)


hey — i'm shannon mckinstrie

I help busy business owners like you escape the overwhelm and get off the content—creation hamster wheel so you can get measurable results from your social media accounts — without burning out! 

^^True story: it's possible

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The truth is: if you want to grow a business in this day and age — you need to be active on social media. 

(After all, research shows your Instagram profile gets more hits than your home page.)


Your social media strategy shouldn't overshadow the rest of your business. 

In fact, I'm a social media strategist who unapologetically tells business owners to keep their main thing the MAIN thing.

So...how do we craft a plan for your profiles that highlights what you do best, without you spending more of your time on your posts than your expertise?

So glad you asked...

If you post the right content that's optimized for performance and engages your ideal audience—you can pretty much count on Instagram to be a reliable source of leads & connections. 

And—no, you won't catch me telling you to dance, rap, or otherwise embarrass yourself for clicks...unless that's your vibe. 

I'll help you...

Nail down your goals for your social media profiles—
and identify quantifiable metrics that help you track your success.

Find (and foster) your confidence to prep your content and post it without second-guessing what you've said or redoing the work 5x, 10x, or...100x. 

And, get on with your life trusting that your social media content will do its thing while you do yours. 

It may feel unpredictable, but the alogrithm hasn't put you on some sort of Instagram blacklist.

I'm not here to guarantee you'll go viral.

Sure—the likes, engagement, and attention that come with it are nice. But a whirlwind of quick success doesn't actually guarantee you real results. 

I'm here to help create a sustainable strategy that works for you. 

here's what that looks like:

Confidence in your CONTENT

Finally feel like you know what to post, what to write in your caption, and how to hit the post button without doubts about what you've created. 

Ease in your

Trends, research, data and metrics...those are MY job. Let me lead you in what I do best so you can create, post, and engage with your audience...and have fun with it. 

Measurable results from your ENGAGEMENT

We'll set benchmarks for what you want to achieve with your content and engagements. Whether leads, sales, or audience growth—we'll pinpoint what you're looking for...and why. 


Speaking engagements where I've taught social strategies to business owners & entrepreneurs.


Content drops to support your social strategy...and your sanity.

2-4 Weeks

The time it takes to see your efforts shift your engagement stats. 


Number of times you'll hear me say you have to post 7 days a week.

Simpler (and more fun!) social media marketing - in 3 steps.


IDENTIFY your goals & quantifiable metrics.

Believe it or not, social media’s actually pretty predictable…when you know its trends. That’s where I come in to help you create a plan for posting content that connects with your ideal audience. Once you’ve got a workable plan, it’s just about doing the work…without the guesswork. 


Like anything in business, you gotta know WHY you're doing the tedious task…and what results you expect to get from it. I’ll be the first to tell ya that vanity metrics don’t matter one bit—so we’ll get past the likes & follower counts to nail down the nitty gritty of what you’re REALLY looking for. 

BUILD confidence in your content & strategy.

TRUST that your content will do its job.  

Click post & put your phone down to get on to your main thing. Your stories, reels, & posts will work their way into your peeps’ feeds…while you work your magic for your current clients & customers. You stay in your lane while your social media content supports your efforts. Nice! 


(Fine, so that’s not my real middle name, but it could be.)


If you want my Devil-Wears-Prada-style transformation story: 

I’ve been obsessed with creating “documentaries” on the family camcorder since I was 8,
so naturally, I studied journalism, and landed my first job out of college at CNN… 
…then made my way into marketing…

*insert montage of various marketing roles*

…before I created my own 6-figure business wearing “work-from-home couture” every day between running carpool dropoff & pickup.

I’m out here on a mission to ensure business owners know
how to leverage social media for their benefit—
and actually have fun creating content in the process




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“I always knew that Instagram was practically the new Google for people my age and in my audience."

I knew I needed to invest in it, but I didn’t know how. It felt like a necessary evil that took
2+ hours out of an 8-hour day. Working with Shannon transformed my business—she gave me the tools to reach the right people. Not only am I having my best year ever financially—I’m actually working less, which matters when you’re a mom to a 15-month-old.”


Owner, The Weight Loss Nutritionist 

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