Showing up on Stories changed my life. Seriously!

You know how I’m always talking about community? Well, it’s because without this supportive, talented, and knowledgeable community full of amazing mentors, clients, and friends, my little business would have never grown the way it has.

And it all happened because one day I started hopping on Stories and talking directly to my audience.


Stories are an INCREDIBLE way to establish meaningful connections…and these connections lead to a more engaged audience, tons of DMs, and…SALES!

And that’s because Stories…

  • Differentiate you from others
  • Humanize your brand
  • Make you approachable


Will it feel scary to show your face at first? Of course! But as the saying goes, great things never come from comfort zones.


Ready to get face-to-face with your Insta-friends?! Here’s how to do it:


While you shouldn’t overthink stories, having a game plan for what you’re going to talk about will help you feel more confident. Pick a topic (a tip, something you’re working on, etc), then write out some bullet points and keep them close.


Stories shouldn’t be super polished, but if you aren’t happy with the first try, try again! I like to make sure I got all my thoughts out so I record Stories on Instagram, save them to my camera roll, and then upload after I add text. This is a good process to adopt because 80% of people watch video with no sound. (Let that be an encouragement to those of us who hate the sound of our voice.


One of the BEST things you can do is get in a good mood. So…get excited and let your personality shine! Act like you are Facetiming your best friend. Sit somewhere you feel comfortable and be sure there is good lighting. Then get PUMPED because you are about to make some amazing connections, friend.

It’s worth the knot in your stomach and I promise you’ll get more comfortable & confident the more you do them.

Still nervous? Tag me in your video so I can cheer you on!! I cannot wait to watch.

What has helped you show up on Stories?!


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