Social media is always changing, which means it’s time to take a look at your Instagram and give it a facelift. 

Ready to go above and Beyoncé? Let’s GO!


Here are 3 ways to upgrade your Instagram


When people explore your Instagram to get to know you better, make it easier by creating several highlights with some archived IG Stories. And since you’ve been hopping on stories like a boss, this is such an easy way to make your profile pop. Go through your archives and pick 4-5 themes/categories to start with and then make highlight covers! You can easily create personalized covers with your brand colors on Canva. BONUS TIP: Search Canva’s “Elements” for particular designs to jazz ‘em up (cue jazz hands 🤗)


Want to give your engagement rate a boost? Get rid of the fake followers! In order to truly grow on Instagram you need a genuine, real, and engaged audience. So having a lot of followers who don’t engage with you or invest in you is a waste of time AND it only hurts your engagement rate. So check out your followers and block the bots! Also, take a look at who you are following…chances are you followed people who play the follow/unfollow game. So rude of them, I know But just get rid of that social media baggage. You can comb through your list through IG or use an app like Followers Plus to investigate.


When you’re engaging on the ‘Gram and someone goes to your profile to see who you are, you want that bio to make them want to connect with you. And a good bio doesn’t just tell people what you do, it also shares who you are. Bios should include your location, an “I Help/I Create/I Make” statement, a call to action, something relatable/personal, and be easy to read! So be sure to include line spacing and embrace emojis. If you’re feeling stuck, search influencers in your field and check out their bios for inspiration! Or download my free ebook from my website for extra help 💞 (Link in bio)

That’s it!! You ready?! Watch out now…fresh to death Instagram comin’ through!

What is one upgrade you are making today?!


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