Let’s face it…we can write content all day, but without a photo there’s no Instagram post. And Instagram is a visual platform, so good quality photos are key.

That’s where flatlays save the day!

And the best part? They are SUPER inexpensive to do. You don’t need anything fancy…but man do they make your feed POP!


Here’s everything you need to crate scroll stopping flat lays for your Instagram feed:


Background: A white foam board, tabletop, contact paper, etc

Natural Light: Shooting near a window around sunset is ideal and a great way to avoid shadows

Camera: Your smart phone’s camera will work just fine

Props: Stock up on florals/succulents for texture, cute office supplies for variety/contrast (HomeGoods and Target’s Dollar Spot are great places to search), something branded to make it YOU, and other items you love

Editing Apps: @tezza.nyc & @vsco are my jam

Now get snappin’, get creative, and have FUN!

Have you shot your own #flatlays before? What are your favorite props to use?!


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