I love this subject because content remains king. And my goal is to help you feel confident during the creation process.


And since the days of posting to your feed every single day are gone (can I get a YAAASSSS?!) I suggest posting QUALITY content 4 times a week…and by quality I mean content that either educates, inspires, entertains, or informs.


So…ready to dive in and crank out content like a boss?!


Here are my 4 favorite categories to help you create quality goodness:


Build trust and establish yourself as an expert by dropping some serious knowledge. Share “How Tos”, answer FAQs, and provide value to become the go-to in your niche.



Let your audience in! Share your workspace, give them a sneak-peek into projects you’re currently working on, and let them see you in your element. Keep them informed and give them that exclusive inside look.



Share your brand’s mission and inspire others by sharing why you started and why you are so passionate about what you do. So don’t use Instagram to sell…instead, share and serve! Lead with a servant’s heart, share your story, and connect.



One easy way to help you stand out from the crowd is to entertain and share something relatable…something YOU (in other words, not something someone else is doing…ya feel me?!) Personalizing and humanizing your brand allows you to quickly connect with your audience and stay top of mind. Share who you are, what you do when you aren’t working, a funny quote you love, and introduce yourself/your team! People want to work with PEOPLE, so let your personality shine.


Ready?! Ok, friend. You’ve got this.

Are these categories a part of your strategy? What type of content do you love to share with your audience the most?!



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