After a recent 1:1 coaching call with a client she said, “You simplified it where Instagram no longer feels like a huge beast.

It made me smile ear to ear because that is the exact reason I love doing what I do!


But it also made me think about all the noise and all the bogus tips and all the people out there making biz owners feel overwhelmed. And to them I say…STOP COMPLICATING INSTAGRAM!


Social media should be FUN, and if you are passionate about what you do and what you offer, then Instagram is about to become SUPER simplified for ya.


Here are 3 simple tips to change the way you look at Instagram and say goodbye to frustration & overwhelm:




Instagram was not created for us to push products and sell our services, so don’t use it that way. Instead, use Instagram to humanize your brand. This platform has helped me build SO many incredible friendships…not followers…friendships. And these friendships have led to CRAZY biz growth because people want to follow and work with PEOPLE! So document your days, be relatable, and keep. it. simple.⠀⠀




You know that sweet little “Instagram Neighborhood” of mine I’m always talking about?! It all started with people in my actual community. I figured if I engaged with local hashtags/geotags and people saw I was local to them then they were more likely to engage back, and guess what…I connected with local biz owners and local bloggers in no time. Trust was quickly established, and then I grew outward. So don’t be afraid to comment on other user’s posts…start right where you are and grow.⠀⠀



Always remember that none of this is about you. It is ALL about your ideal client/customer. No one cares what you sell…they care about how you can help them solve a problem. So…share value. Paint a picture, show them the benefits, and problem solve.


Long story short, stop overthinking it and just be you. Keep social media social, connect with others, and share your knowledge.

What do you struggle with the most when it comes to social media? ✨

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