I was writing a post a while back and my husband said, “Teach them how to Carpe the DM!”


I mean…how cute & clever is he? And it’s so perfect because DMs hold the key to building strong connections with your audience. These messages are where true trust is built and where the community begins.


Here are 3 ways to encourage conversation and get those DMs poppin’:



If you want people to interact with you, you have to give them something to react to! So be sure you are active on stories every single day and share relatable content. Because often times it’s the small, every day things that start the conversation. And don’t forget to use Polls, Sliders, and Question stickers to invite your audience IN!


If your DMs are empty, remember that Instagram is a two-way street. Watch other user’s stories and get in there! But instead of quickly tapping through them, actually watch and reply in a genuine way. From Quick Replies to answering polls to sending a message, sliding into someone’s DMs because you relate to something they shared in Stories is an authentic way to start a conversation.


If you made a new connection and REALLY want to stand out, send a voice message. It shows the person you are trying to connect with that you are a real & genuine human being. And when they hear your real, unscripted voice….it’s like a little Instagram hug. And if you’re not sure how to use voice messaging or just want to give it a try? Send me one! Tap “Message” in my bio, hold the little microphone down in the message box and let’s chat it up! 



Long story short, DMs are where the party’s at 🎉

So I got one question for y’all…how will you Carpe The DM today?!



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