Last Tuesday, Emily and I (co-founders of The Social Squad Society) hosted our very first No-Fluff Master Class all about Instagram. 

The craziest part?


This wasn’t something we had been planning for months…

We didn’t run any ads…

And we didn’t have a clear marketing strategy mapped out.


We simply went back to what we know best and used Instagram Stories to promote the webinar.


And we had over 500 sign-ups! 🎉


Crazy right?!


So whatever it is you are currently launching or planning to launch soon, I want to help you use IG Stories to make this the biggest launch of your LIFE.


Here are 3 ways to use Instagram Stories to promote your next Master Class or online event:


Share Behind The Scenes


It is never too early to begin teasing what you’re working on. As soon as I knew The No Fluff Instagram Masterclass was a go, I started talking about it. LONG before even one slide was created for it. And for weeks I would share little behind the scenes shots of the slides and scribbled out just enough so we didn’t give too much away.


Use the Countdown Sticker in Stories


Don’t forget to take advantage of features inside Instagram! The countdown sticker creates excitement and hypes your audience up. And the coolest part? When a viewer taps on your countdown, they’ll have the option to get a reminder so it stays top of mind. And the other coolest part? It’s EASY!! And since IG Stories should be off the cuff, it’s simple to throw this Countdown Sticker in when you are having a crazy day. Hey…it happens.


Guide Them Where To Go


Once you’ve teased your offer and gotten your audience more hyped than DJ Khaled, you want to be sure to keep them informed outside of Instagram. Assume those interested aren’t going to see your Stories every single day…and with all the content we’re absorbing it’s easy to forget things, right? Right.

So have somewhere for them to sign up for more info! This could be a waitlist or a simple registration page.

While you’re finalizing event details (like the date, time, systems, etc), be sure to keep people who are interested informed. Create a simple form in your email campaign for your audience to enter their email address so you can send out reminders as the day gets close!


Use these three tips then head over to @boutiquesocialdc on the ‘gram and tell me how many sign-ups you had!



Looking for even more resources to market your next offer? Well you’re in luck my friend! We not only recorded our wildly successful, no-fluff Master Class all about Instagram for your to watch but we also bundled it together with a TON of resources from inside The Social Squad Society

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