“I always feeeeel like Instagram’s waaaaatchin’ meeeee…” 

And guess what…it is!


Instagram is tracking our every move to determine what content we want to see.


To put it simply, the more you interact with an account, the more you’ll see that person’s content, which is why building relationships and a community around your brand is SO important!

If you want to be one of the FIRST faces and posts that pops up your followers are getting their scroll on, then you have to prove to Instagram that they WANT to see your content


Here are the 3 ways to get your content to show up more frequently in your audience’s feed:




I know I know…I say it all the time, but it’s for good reason. Instagram is a two-way street, friends 🤝 We can’t throw out content and expect people to flock to us…we have to connect! So be sure to spend time engaging every single day. Spend 10 minutes on your feed, 10 minutes in stories, and 10 minutes searching hashtags in your niche, and be sure to leave meaningful comments that start conversations.




Instagram has been tracking which posts of yours have performed the best, so go see what your audience wants to see 👀 Go to your Insights, tap “Content” then next to “Feed Posts” tap “See All”. You’ll most likely see a theme so do more of THAT type of content. And be sure to take a peek at what time your audience is most active on Instagram and make it a point to post and engage around those times.⠀⠀




People are watching Stories now more than ever! And the more someone engages with your story, the more your posts will show up in their feed 💞 So show that sweet face of yours, use polls, and be personal.



Comments are your posts’ best friend. They tell Instagram people like your post, so don’t post & ghost! Stick around for a bit after you post and reply to comments quickly.


Ready to get in front of your peeps?! What steps will you take today to connect with your audience?!

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