Instagram Highlights build your personal brand and attract your tribe even further.


From sharing my love of a good #aperolspritz to valuable tips to jammin’ with the fam, hopping on Stories is where I truly connect with my audience.


Plus, Highlights are a great way to make your profile pop.


Before we begin, go through your Story Archives to see what themes you have! (Examples: Tutorials, Tips, Fitness, Travel, Life, Client Love, etc.)


Got your categories? Ok! Let’s create some show-stopping Highlight Covers. And it all starts with Canva:



1 Create a Canva account & click “Create a Design”.

2 Scroll down to “Instagram Story Highlight Cover”. (If you don’t see it, type it in the Search box.)

 3 Choose a design you like and edit! Make the background your brand color (or a color you like) & click “Elements” to search icons that match the category. For example, search “lightbulb” for tips or “airplane” for travel.”

4 Click “Download” and save it to your Camera Roll



Create your Instagram Stories Highlight:

1 Open Instagram, go to your profile, tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner, & tap “Archive”.

2 Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner & tap “Create Highlight”.

3 Scroll through and choose which ones you want for your category and tap “next”.

4 Type out the name of your Highlight then “Edit Cover”.

5 Tap the Camera Roll icon & choose your cover image!

6 Tap “Done” then “Done” again then “Add” & BOOM! You’re a Highlights pro 💞



Not into matchy-matchy? Make your highlights REALLY pop by choosing 3+ colors and create a fun pattern (peep mine for inspo).


I hope you found this helpful, friends! What categories will you create?!




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