Ok friends…you know how everyone freaked out when Instagram announced they were getting rid of likes soon? Well, here’s why it really should not matter to you at all.


While we all know Instagram loves accounts with an engaged audience, what Instagram is REALLY keeping an eye on lately is the amount of SAVES your posts receive.


That’s right…that little bookmark button under your post is a HUGE deal.So…ASK YOUR AUDIENCE TO SAVE YOUR POST!!


Because the more Saves your post gets, the higher your post will rank and get pushed into more people’s feeds. ⠀⠀


Still not convinced? I have proof!


When I go to my Instagram Insights to see what posts of mine have performed best, I have had the same top-performing post for months. But NOW there’s a new top-performing post in town.


And the interesting thing is this new top-performer does not have as many likes and comments as the others, but it has the most SAVES I’ve ever received. Crazy, right?!


It just goes to show that saves are a big deal and they’re the metric we need to keep an eye on.


So…how do you get more saves? It’s simple…


1. Write valuable content 
2. Ask your audience to save your post 


And to help you further, here are 3 ways to word it in your post to get people to tap that Bookmark button:

“Like this tip but don’t want to forget? Save this post for later!”

“Be sure to save this post so you can come back to it!”

“Love this tip? Tap the Bookmark button under the photo and save it for later!”


And on that note, save this post for later so you can use these in future posts.


So there you have it! Go write VALUABLE content and ask your people to SAVE your post.


What are your favorite types of posts to save?


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