A 4-week program designed to give you everything you need to create the Social Media Management business of your dreams without the burnout and overwhelm. 


Week 1 | Day 1: Discovering Your Dream Clients

Tired of hearing that you need to niche down because *awkward smile* you don’t actually know what your niche should be? Get ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief and find out which kind of clients will help you be profitable and efficient.


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Ideal Client Worksheet

Week 1 | Day 2: Clear Magnetic Messaging

If you want to be a magnet for your dream clients, then you need to learn the art of storytelling and create a clear, captivating bio that will hook ‘em in. Plus, you’ll learn how to begin establishing your personal brand so that you stand out to your audience. 


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Bio Worksheet

Week 1 | Day 3: Money Making Offerings

Learn the art of creating offerings and packages that help your clients solve their problems and speak directly to them, but that also match up to your experience and what you WANT to do. Also, learn the art of simplicity when it comes to this (i.e. not overwhelming people with all the options).


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Packaging Workbook

Week 1 | Day 4: Money Making Offerings Part II

If you want to have your business working even when you don’t, you need to set things up so you can generate revenue without being glued to your phone. Learn all about passive income, resources, and “secret menu” ideas to help you make money in your sleep!


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Services One Sheet {Customizable Canva Template}

“Gateway” Offerings (Passive Income Ideas)


Week 2 | Day 1: Platforms Simplified

It’s time to figure out where your ideal clients are hanging out! Learn how to decide where to be, the difference between each social media platform, and how to adjust your content for each.


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What To Post Worksheet

Week 2 | Day 2: Content planning the right way

Building your personal brand is a key component of your business. Learn how to create content that speaks directly to your audience and builds your brand so that your audience begins to know, like, and trust you.


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Content Planning Exercise

Sales Copy Worksheet

Caption Templates

Week 2 | Day 3: Social on blast

Part of your role as a SMM is creating content for your clients, but there is such a thing as overthinking that process. Learn hacks to help you cut time on client content creation AND how to structure your day!


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Batch Planning Worksheet

Week 2 | Day 4: Instagram story gold

Using Instagram Stories on the regular has helped me so much in my business, so you’re going to learn my best strategies for how you can use Instagram Stories to gain visibility and establish trust with your audience.


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Story & Content Ideas Worksheet

Week 3: SALES

Week 3 | Day 1: Targeting + Engagement

Your ideal clients are out there, you’ve just got to find them. Learn how to use hashtags to increase your reach and find those ideal clients. 


Hashtag & Engagement Exercise

Hashtag Vault

Week 3 | Day 2: Bring On The Leads

To grab those clients, you need to put systems in place so you can easily guide your audience where you want them to go. From landing pages to online calendars and call schedulers, learn how to generate leads, weed out non-ideal clients, and turn potential clients into actual clients.


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Potential Client Inquiry Questions/Prompts

Week 3 | Day 3: Sales/Discovery Calls

Instagram isn’t the end of the road – to seal the deal on a new client, you need to get them on a sales call. Learn how to run your sales/discovery calls in a way that handles price objections before they even come up and leaves your ideal client begging to sign on the dotted line.


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Discovery Call Questions

Week 3 | Day 4: Workshop Magic

Getting offline and establishing yourself in your local area is key to taking your SMM business to the next level. Learn how to plan social media workshops so you can meet potential local clients and begin establishing yourself as an expert in your local community (plus, you can use these strategies for planning online workshops, too!).


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Workshop Brain Dump


Week 4 | Day 1: Client Onboarding

To give your clients the best experience possible from the get-go, you can’t let anything fall through the cracks. Learn how to simplify your onboarding process so that you can do everything from setting expectations and establishing boundaries so that your clients feel fully supported and respect you as a business owner. 


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Email Templates

Welcome Packet Template (Canva)


Week 4 | Day 2: Management 1

Spending hours staring at a blank screen isn’t exactly the definition of “working efficiently”. Learn how to plan content more strategically so you don’t spend hours working on client content creation. Plus, learn how to submit content regularly so your clients are always in the know and don’t feel like they need to micromanage you.


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Google Sheet Content Calendar

Week 4 | Day 3: Management 2 + Retention

Word-of-mouth marketing is still the best way to grow your business (and, it’s free!). Learn how to keep your clients SO happy that they keep coming back for more and tell their friends about you. Plus, you’ll learn how to encourage those referrals, collect testimonials, and create an overall happy client experience. 


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Testimonial Request Template

Week 4 | Day 4: Audience Building

Staying top of mind with your audience is key – especially in the busy online world. Learn how to begin building your email list and use email marketing to consistently build on and nurture your connection with your audience.


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