6 Awesome Small Business Ideas for WFH Moms

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I’m also a wife, mama, and marketing junkie who turned my love of social media into a 6-figure business from straight-up scratch.
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Between naptime, play dates, totally random kid (and mama) meltdowns, cooking meals, cleaning up said meals, doing laundry (and struggling to find motivation to put it away), and ya know, the 90000 other things on your freakin’ plate at any given time, I think it’s safe to say we moms are BUSY.

Add going into the office on top of all the above, and you’re looking at a stress nightmare — 5 days a week. Cute.

But there is a beautiful solution that most women are coming to faster than ever before (thanks pandemic), and that is the idea of working from home! There’s nothing better than setting your own hours and making a schedule that works FOR you, rather than against.

Whether you’ve recently quit a job or just want to explore side hustle/entrepreneur options, I’ve got you covered with 6 totally awesome small business ideas for WFH moms. Making money from the living room has never been so simple.

1. Social Media Management

Are you even surprised? Of course, I’m recommending social media management as a top choice for mamas who want to start working from home! I’m living proof that you can absolutely be there for your kiddos and family AND run a successful (read: profitable) SMM business.

What’s the Job: Strategizing, creating content for, growing, and running the social accounts — Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok — of other businesses. 

Ideal For You: If you love the world of social media and all its trends, plus you’re big into creating exciting content and strategies to help your clients stand out in a saturated online space, this is the gig for you (and I’ve got a course to get you started right now)!

What You Should Know: Social media management is more than just researching hashtags and posting company-appropriate memes all day! With platforms changing by the hour, you’ll definitely have your hands full on learning and implementing to help your clients keep up.

2. Virtual Assistant 

See yourself as more of a generalist, less of a specialist? Then getting into the virtual assistant game is definitely for you! One minute you’re helping a client set up their booking portal, and the next, you’re writing blog posts — the possibilities of what to offer are truly endless.

What’s the Job: You’re like a Jane of All Trades! You love to write, organize, schedule, network, work on social media, help with marketing strategies…anything a small business might need help with; you’re armed and ready to take it off their plate.

Ideal For You: If you love variety + the idea of learning new stuff in all areas of business, you’ll love becoming a virtual assistant. Got a background in marketing or business but struggle to figure out where you fit online? This might be it! Check out my friend Sara Wiles’ great VA starter training for more info.

What You Should Know: While you don’t have to be a total expert in any one thing, it helps to have a background in some form of digital marketing so that you can offer competitive services. Also worth noting — this is a career that requires a LOT of client interaction so if that’s not your jam, you may want to move on.

3. OBM (Online Business Manager)

Exactly how it sounds, being an online business manager puts you into a leadership role within your client’s biz! An awesome small business idea for WFH moms, OBMs are in huge demand in 2021 (cha-ching).

What’s the Job: From planning launches to managing operations to outsourcing other parts of your client’s business, and literally everything in between, a good OBM helps grow and run a business smoothly.

Ideal For You: If biz operations, marketing automation and implementation, launches, and growth solutions are your forte, you and the OBM role are made for each other! You get off on helping other businesses hit profitability, and you’ve got all the skills and training to help make it happen.

What You Should Know: You’ll likely need business management certifications (lots of courses out there to choose from) or other credentials in the business world to jump into this career.

4. Copywriting

Love coming up with the perfect words to sell something? Well, copywriting is your jam. Another career path that has seen a huge rise over the past few years, copywriting, is a fave amongst women and moms who want to work from home.  

What’s the Job: Copywriters are the brains behind all the marketing messages you see and read on the web! You’ll be writing websites, social ads, email sequences, sales pages AND might even dip your toes into content writing work like blogging and social media captions.

Ideal For You: You love to write (duh), but you also really get digital marketing! Ever read a company website and thought, “I could make this sell and sound SO much better” — then, friend, this is the gig for you.

What You Should Know: Most copywriters will tell you, this job is about more than just writing well…you’ve got to understand how to craft messaging for the online world. Digging deep into sales psychology, a brand’s voice and tone, and figuring out how to win audiences over is a big part of the role.

5. Web Design 

For all my moms who love playing around with design (yes, Canva counts!), web design is definitely worth checking out! Ever taken a look around the internet? There are a million bad sites out there — it’s safe to say there is plenty of room for more good designers to get into the mix. 

What’s the Job: Web designers spend their days mocking up brand logos, websites, ads, style guides and more! You’ll find many who work 1:1 with a client roster and others who prefer a more hands-off approach — creating fonts and site templates for the biz owner that digs DIY-ing.

Ideal For You: Creativity reigns supreme in a web designing role, so it only makes sense that the types of people drawn to this job are usually artistic. You don’t need to be a Picasso, but you do need “an eye” for a pleasing design aesthetic!

What You Should Know: It can take some time to learn the ins and outs of web design, but if you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll find yourself in an exciting career where no project is ever the same.

6. Marketing Strategist/Consultant

Nothing is getting done in business without a killer marketing strategy which is why the people who put those winning strategies into place are ESSENTIAL to biz owners everywhere! Always in demand, the marketing strategist/consultant path is a super rad small business idea for work from home moms.

What’s the Job: Implementing marketing strategies, baby! From researching opportunities to help market a client’s business to putting smart and savvy concepts together for brand awareness, this is the bread and butter of biz promotion. 

Ideal For You: Used to work in marketing at your 9-5? This role is bound to be a great fit for you. If digging into research, identifying marketing trends, and throwing strategies together to help businesses grow over time sounds fun, you’re made for this job.

What You Should Know: Going by strategist or consultant leaves the door wide open in terms of the type of services offered! Be sure to narrow down exactly what you want to work on before coming up with a list of packages for potential clients to buy.

Of course, there are tons of cool opportunities out there for moms who want to start a small business and work from home, but these stand out as the most profitable (and easiest to get started) in 2021! 

Let me know which business idea you think you’re a perfect fit for below, and check out my course The Social Biz System, to help you start or scale a sustainable social media management business…in just 4 weeks.

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The unofficial poster girl for oat milk lattes, pinot grigio, and long walks down the aisles of Target.  

I’m also a wife, mama, and marketing junkie who turned my love of social media into a 6-figure business from straight-up scratch.