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The unofficial poster girl for oat milk lattes, pinot grigio, and long walks down the aisles of Target.  

I’m also a wife, mama, and marketing junkie who turned my love of social media into a 6-figure business from straight-up scratch.
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I don’t care if you have 100 followers or 100,000, you can use Instagram to move the needle in your business right NOW.⁣

Ok friends! Go get yourself a jumbo oat milk latte (or mimosa…because anything goes these days) and let’s strategize…together.⁣

Now…would it be super awesome if it only took one single marketing message for someone to buy something? Uhh, yah.⁣

But most of us don’t buy the first time we see a new offer.⁣

And as business owners we have to remember that our audience is consuming SO. MUCH. FREAKING. CONTENT. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

AND they’re getting sold to alllll dayyyy lonnngggg.

And with the amount of content we are consuming every single day, it’s no wonder the old marketing “Rule of 7” has drastically increased.

It used to be that a prospect must encounter your business/brand at least 7 times before they purchase.⁣

In today’s world, the Rule of 7 is now TWENTY-ONE!

So what does this tell you?⁣

It’s time to stop assuming our audience knows what we do, who we serve, and why we do what we do.⁣

So it’s time to help your people out, and I’ve got just the thing for ya!⁣

If you’re ready to gain exposure, stay top of mind, and increase sales on Instagram, keep scrolling through for your 21 day game plan

BONUS TIP: In between the sales/business posts and Stories, be sure to continue to build your personal brand. Keep sharing your day (what you’re eating, watching, reading, etc), and invite your audience in.⁣

Ok, friends!! Let’s get to it…⁣

Day 1: Behind The Scenes

Show a quick behind the scenes look at your offer/product.

1) If you’re a service provider, take a Boomerang or Superzoom of your computer screen showing something you’re working on for a client and use text to explain the benefits.

2) If you sell a product, take a Boomerang or Superzoom of the product and share why YOU love it.

Day 2: Poll Your Audience

Remind your audience you’re an expert in your field by giving them the chance to vote for what they want to learn from you!

Think of 2 things you want to cover, then let THEM decide which tip you’ll cover for a mini training the following day.

Use the Poll feature in IG Stories and give them TWO options to choose from.

Day 3: Mini Training

That poll you did yesterday? It’s time to pick the winner and do a mini training on IG Stories!

Doing a mini training at least once a week is one of the most powerful ways to build that know, like, trust factor.

When you’ve finished sharing your tip, end it with a CTA! Example: “Click the link in my bio to download my freebie for more tips & tricks” or “Have questions? DM me now!”

Day 4: Instagram Post

Share a value-packed post on Instagram and use it to promote your offering.

Address your ideal client’s pain point, provide a tip to help them solve it, then share how your service/product can help them and give them the direction to take to purchase from/work with you.

BONUS TIP: Add an extra CTA at the end to boost engagement. (Ex: “What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to _____?”)

Day 5: Social Proof in Instagram Stories

Allow clients/customers of yours to sell your product/service for you!

Here are 2 options:

1) Share a screenshot of a DM you received from a happy client/customer.

2) Ask a past client/customer to record a video testimonial & share it in Stories.

Day 6: Instagram Post

Share. Your. Why.

Your “Why” is the backbone of your business (and your sales pitch), so create a post sharing what you do, who you help, and why you love it!

We cannot forget that Instagram is a storytelling app, so share your story and your mission.

Day 7: Sell The Experience

Get on Stories & take them on a journey by sharing what it’s like to work with you/buy from you! In other words, talk about the EXPERIENCE & the RESULTS.

Here are 3 ways to do it:

1) Share your onboarding/buying process.

2) Show extra perks you provide that others in your industry don’t.

3) Share a recent client win and how you helped them get there.

Day 8-21:


Keep sharing what’s going on behind the scenes, providing value, and talking about why you do what you do! You’ll begin to establish yourself as an expert, build long lasting relationships, and watch the sales come in.



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The unofficial poster girl for oat milk lattes, pinot grigio, and long walks down the aisles of Target.  

I’m also a wife, mama, and marketing junkie who turned my love of social media into a 6-figure business from straight-up scratch.