Remember when Instagram announced that they are no longer a photo-sharing app and everyone freaked out?


Well, you shouldn’t panic because the reality is…Instagram hasn’t been a photo-sharing app for years.


With Reels taking off the way they have (and Instagram knowing its users are logging in to be entertained), the head of Instagram recently announced that they are leaning more into video.

This should be no surprise, but naturally the announcement led to fears of Instagram doing away with photos altogether…

But the head of Instagram set the record straight and assured everyone that this platform will still support photos.

*cue collective sigh of relief*

And while nothing in IG Land is absolute, what we DO know is they are prioritizing video because this format keeps people on the app longer…so if you haven’t leaned into video yet, I highly suggest you do.

But if this announcement made you want to hop aboard the Reels train (or start creating Reels that go viral), I’ve got some tips 👇


#1 Keep them short & sweet

The average attention span is 8 seconds and Reels perform better when viewers watch the entire duration so keep them under 10 seconds if you can. And if they are over 10 seconds, be sure to include a hook that keeps them watching until the end…which brings me to my next tip…


#2 Use TWO Hooks

With Reels you need a hook in both the video AND caption. You want to grab people’s attention so be sure the first line of your caption AND the text at the very beginning of your video are enticing and spark curiosity. Here’s an example:

VIDEO TEXT FOR THE FIRST CLIP: “These are my top 3 tips for _____ (insert your ideal client’s goal/desire)”

FIRST LINE OF YOUR CAPTION:The last tip is a game changer.”


#3 Use trending audio

Want to watch your Reel REEL-y (sorry, had to do it again) take off? Use trending audio. And there’s a hack to find it! Normally there are 3 bars to the left of the audio, but if you see an arrow instead (as seen below) then that audio is trending!

Click the song title and save to use for your own reel!


#4 Use a transition toward the beginning of your Reel!

People love transitions, and they hold the viewer’s interest. If you haven’t done a transition before, it does take practice but don’t be scared! My business partner Emily from The Social Squad Society created a video to help. Check it out below!


#5 Move it move it!

And no, I don’t mean you have to shake your groove thing (I hope that was a relief). BUT, if you are talking directly to the camera in your Reel be sure to add in some sort of movement. One way to do this is to walk while you’re talking. Another way to do this is to make sure each clip has a different background. So if clip 1 is you at your desk, go somewhere else in your home for Clip 2!

If you’ve noticed a theme, it’s all about keeping the viewer’s attention and THAT is the key.

Now consider yourself a PRO when it comes to Reels and have some fun!!

Tell me…are you having fun with Reels?!

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PPS…Want more juicy tips? Check out this YouTube from Emily & I to learn 3 quick ways to boost your Instagram Reels!