I started my social media management business back in 2014 when my first daughter was almost one and she has been the best little co-worker all these years.


Back then I had zero clue how to run a business, but I’m forever grateful I didn’t let that stop me.


Have there been days I want to throw in the towel? Uhh…too many to count.


But that was because back then I was drowning in client work, charging $50 a month managing a single Facebook page, cold calling Realtors to drum up business, while changing diapers and doing endless laundry (why is there always soooo much?).

Plus, I was the online version of a cobbler with no shoes because I had zero time to attend to my own social media platforms.


But now I have my days mapped out in a way that allows me the freedom & flexibility I desire, PLUS I work with clients I absolutely adore.


Here’s how I map out my days as a SMM & Consultant:


Monday: CEO Day (work on upcoming launches, complete admin tasks, etc)


Tuesday: Client Calls & Content Creation for SMM Clients


Wednesday: Catch Up Day (wrap up anything that didn’t get done so far)


Thursday: Client Calls & Content Creation for SMM Clients


Friday: OFF


Saturday: OFF


Sunday: 2-3 hours of content creation for myself


And the other day I decided to show you a real behind the scenes look at what a typical day looks like as a SMM.

Check it out here!


When I think about how much I struggled with time management and onboarded clients who drained me and how I charged INSANELY low, it’s precisely why I designed The Social Biz System the way I did.


If you’re ready to work with clients who respect you & finally structure your days in a way that allows the freedom you started your business for, I’m here to provide you with an easy-to-navigate roadmap to transform your SMM business—whether you’re starting or scaling—in just 30 minutes a day.


The Social Biz System is the ONLY course for Social Media Managers that gives you everything you need, A-Z, to start or scale your social media management business.


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