THIS is the key to building a profitable & sustainable business.


Know what makes building a business even harder than it already is?


Not absolutely loving what you do.


When I first started my business I priced my services CRAZY low. Like…$50 a month for Facebook low. Shame, I know.


And sure my prices were low partly because I didn’t know my worth back then, but it was mainly because I just wanted to help people.


At the time I was hosting free workshops and offering free consultations to get my business going…but I didn’t care I wasn’t getting paid.


In fact, I fell even deeper in love with what I do while doing it all for free.


Fast forward a bit….I raised my prices, had several social media management clients and had officially crossed over into 4 figure months.


And you best believe I celebrated with one too many glasses of cheap pinot grigio 💃


Because I realized this business I started just to see what could happen was actually going to be something.


And I truly believe the reason it grew (and continues to grow) is because when your focus is on how you can help people (and not the numbers), magic happens ❤️


Now…am I saying you should work for free?! Absolutely not.


But if you want to build a profitable business that lasts, you gotta love it more than the money it brings.


Because let me tell you something…


This journey? It isn’t easy, and it’s filled with rough days…


😔 Days when you hear “no”


😔 Days when you hear “I found someone who will do it cheaper”


😔 Or even worse…days when you hear nothing back at all


But when you’re completely in love with what you do, those days won’t get the best of you.


So please promise me this…


Take a moment to remind yourself exactly why you started ❤️

Keep your focus on serving others 💕

Build relationships 🤝

Believe in yourself & know that YOU are valuable and YOU are enough 👏🏾👏🏼👏🏿


And when the money starts coming in, let your passion continue to guide your steps…


…and you will reach heights you never imagined.


Tell me, friend…what makes you so passionate about your business?! 


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