This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see people making on Instagram


It’s time to stop overwhelming your audience.


Think about it…


We are consuming so much content & being sold to all day long, so it’s important to check in with yourself and your brand to make sure you’re not adding to the confusion & overwhelm.


So remember these 2 words: Simplicity Sells 🤗


From talking about your offerings to using CTAs in your captions, here are THREE ways to not overwhelm your audience AND make buying decisions simple:


Space out talking about offerings 

While you offer several products and services, don’t overwhelm your audience by talking about too many at once. You want to make the decision EASY for them 🙌 Best way to do this is highlight only 1-2 of your products/services at a time and talk about them consistently. Better yet, highlight these 1-2 offerings over a 3 week period because studies show a prospect must encounter your business/brand at least 21 times before they purchase.⁣

Make CTAs easy to answer

We don’t want to always think of something profound to say while scrolling, so instead of asking something that causes your audience to think super hard (we already have enough on our minds as it is), end your caption with a simple question or a “this or that” so joining the discussion is easy (and memorable). 


Don’t make people leave Instagram to work with you

We don’t want to leave the app, and Instagram doesn’t want us to leave either! So make it EASY for your potential clients/customers to work with you! This is where “DM me” or “click the link in my bio” comes in handy. Or take it a step further and use Instagram’s amazing features! Are you a service provider who offers Discovery Calls? Use the Book button in your bio! Do you sell a product? Set up Instagram Shopping! And watch the sales come in…


Tell me, friend! Which tip was the most helpful?


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