Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt guilty over your prices, boundaries you’ve set, or taking days off…🙋‍♀️


Being an entrepreneur means we wear a lot of hats, and because of this we have to be sure we know our worth, protect our energy, and…wait for it…REST.


Sure I know it’s tough. No one cares about our business quite like we will…but you shouldn’t lose yourself in your business.


Instead, your business should excite you, fulfill you, and allow you to live your purpose.


Here are three ways to get rid of that entrepreneur guilt (and truly thrive) once and for all: 




When you finally realize your worth and raise those prices you may find it difficult to say them out loud. But you have to know YOU. ARE. WORTH. IT. ❤️ Don’t allow someone to undervalue you and always share your prices confidently, and remember…the price is the price! One way to help you is to have a product suite with a low ticket offering.




Setting boundaries can be scary, but they truly do strengthen client relationships. Your clients shouldn’t expect you to be available 24/7, but if you don’t communicate your hours they’ll assume you’re free to reach out to any time!⌚️ Setting office hours is one of the most simple things you can do to set boundaries and it can be implemented right away. Be sure to include them in your contract, and if you use a tool like Slack to communicate you can set your hours. 




Fun Fact 👉  Taking breaks helps your business grow. From unplugging at the end of the day to taking vacations, it is CRUCIAL for you to rest. You should set aside certain times a day when you leave your phone & laptop in another room, turn off notifications, etc…DMs and emails can wait. And have systems in place so when you plan a trip you can actually take a day off. It’s possible, I promise.


Now YOU! Yes YOU! Go raise those prices if you haven’t in a while, set those office hours, and schedule in some YOU time.


I mean, you did start this business for freedom, flexibility, and the ability to work in yoga pants (or no pants…no judgement here)…am I right?! Well, you deserve to enjoy it.


And as we kick off a new year, my wish is for you not to just have a successful year financially, but mentally as well.


You’ve got this! 


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