BUMMER ALERT: We don’t own our social media accounts. It stinks…I know

But luckily, building an email list will ensure that you don’t risk losing your audience if Instagram were to one day disappear.

Not sure how to start building your golden email list? I got one word for ya: FREEBIES!⠀⠀

When we create a piece of content that provides value and offer it for free to our audience, it leads to DMs which leads to relationships which leads to their…wait for it…email addresses!!! ⠀

Not sure what type of Freebie to create for your audience?


From Guides to Printables to Worksheets, here are some content ideas to help you get started based on your niche:

⚡️Skin Care: Self Care Checklist

⚡️Real Estate: Buyer/Seller Guide

⚡️Fitness: Weekly Workout Schedule

⚡️Health/Wellness: Essential Oil Guide

⚡️Social Media: Content Planning Worksheet

⚡️Food Blogger: Grocery Shopping List

⚡️Mom Blogger: Meal Planning Worksheet

⚡️Fashion Blogger: Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

⚡️Photographer: What To Wear Guide


Once you decide what your Freebie will be, check out @canva, choose a template, and get creating.

Then let your followers know what amazingness you created for them and they’ll be all like…”Did someone say…#FREEBIE?!”

Then when your audience requests your freebie and the email addresses start coming in, keep a database with Constant Contact or MailChimp. Next thing you know, you’ll have a newsletter, an opt-in to your website, and all these awesome subscribers…and it all started with a cute little Freebie.

It happened for me. It can happen to you, too.

How have Freebies or Opt-Ins helped you grow your community?!


PS…don’t see your niche above? Let me know and I’ll give you a Freebie idea! 🙂


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