Short answer: Stop overthinking it.

Long answer…well…buckle up, y’all. But I promise it is worth the read.


When I first started my business, I cold-called and emailed my dream clients and pitched and pitched and pitched.

It was exhausting. It was defeating. And more importantly, it wasn’t me.

And it taught me that while I have a passion for helping small businesses succeed on social media, I really stunk at sales.

But then I realized, if I want to get in front of my ideal clients and really grow, I need to do what I already loved to do. And that’s to simply show up and share my passion and be social on social media.

So…I started to be a resource and started sharing my day and my journey instead of chasing people who didn’t care about what I had to offer.


And guess what…everything changed.


And that’s just it. There is no secret or magic trick to succeeding on social.

If you really want to grow and you really want to see results, check-in with yourself and think about what you offer and why your ideal client would want to follow you.


💞 Be relatable

💞 Be engaging

💞 Be educational

Because people want to follow PEOPLE.


So keep it simple. Show who you are. Share your day. Go behind the scenes. And connect!

In other words, don’t bore your audience with the same stuff every day. Instead, create content your audience cares about and invite them in.

Next thing you know, your followers become true supporters and they become part of your community and they spread the word about YOU and BOOM.

Growth ❤️

Long story short, let’s stop stressing about getting to 10,000 followers and curb that constant need to sell and say peace out to pretending to be someone/something we’re not.

Who’s with me!?! 


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