One of the first things my clients tell me they struggle with is consistency. And since Instagram’s algorithm decides what content each of us see every day, being consistent and engaging is everything, y’all. And I mean errrrrrythang.


So I want to encourage (and challenge) you to unleash your inner Instagram Superpowers, get in front of your audience, and make the algorithm your BFF.


Here are your THREE steps to take to stay consistent and get your engagement ALL the way up:



First and foremost, figure out what content your audience wants to see, pick days of the week you plan on posting, and be sure to mix up the theme of your posts throughout the week. Make sure your photo is well lit, edited, and start writing! Include a call-to-action, 11-20 niche hashtags, a couple of popular hashtags, then hit that share button!



Stories are more powerful than ever and they give your brand a voice and lead to DMs! AKA the money maker. Share a minimum of THREE stories per day. One in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening so you stay top-of-mind with your followers.



If you aren’t engaging, your content isn’t getting seen. Straight up. So…set your timer for 30 minutes and get your scroll on! Engage on your feed for 10 minutes, then spend 10 minutes on stories, and for the last 10 minutes search a couple of niche hashtags and engage with posts that resonate with you.


Next thing you know, you’re in a daily rhythm! An Instagram Power Hour of sorts.


Sure…it takes work. But I know you can do it because you want to succeed. You want to connect. You want to educate. You want to help. So GO GET ‘EM!!!!! 


Have you crushed your Instagram Power Hour today?!



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