Share Stories → Provide Value → Connect → Skyrocket


Time to get all the way real, y’all…people are consuming a whole lot of content every day. So if you are looking to grow your business on Instagram, it’s your job to grab people’s attention and stand out!


How do we do that?!? Well, my boy @garyvee said it best: “The way you build your business and the way you make a real impact is by great storytelling.” 

Now…I want you to write down that quote and as you are batching content and getting your writing on, incorporate these stories into your feed this week:


✔️ Outline your brand’s mission

✔️ Share a tip that has helped your clients

✔️ Describe a client/customer’s experience

✔️ Share what you are working on


Because people want to learn from you AND they also want to learn ABOUT you. They want to follow your journey. They want to know how they relate to you and what you have in common. Remember…your vibe attracts your tribe. And as your community grows, so does your biz.

So document your days, plan out your content, connect with your audience, create a response, and watch your “Instagram Neighborhood” grow like crazy.

Simple as that! 🙌🏼

How has sharing your journey and value helped you grow a community around your brand?!



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