Let’s face it…we’ve got about .048258 seconds to grab someone’s attention while they’re scrolling.


Confession: I made that number up. But it’s pretty dang accurate, am I right?⠀


And because we are consuming a TON of content every day, getting people to stop the scroll and read our post is hard work.⠀


So if you want your audience to stop, read, and tap “more”, you need to have:⠀


1) A Good Quality Image⠀


2) A Captivating Headline


Along with good images, that first line in your caption is errrrryyyyythang, y’all and often times it’s the hardest part to write.


But I’m here to help you make some KILLER first liners.

So let’s have some writing fun, shall we?!⠀⠀


Let’s pretend I own a coffee shop and I’m writing a post about…drum roll please…oat milk! (Basically we are talking about my spirit animal here, folks)⠀


Here are three types of headlines that will help your audience stop their scroll:


HEADLINE ONE: “How To” Headlines

Let your audience know you are solving a problem with a “How To” statement⠀

Ex: “How to make your own oat milk at home”⠀


HEADLINE TWO: Numbers/List Headlines

People love organized lists so using a number tells your audience the content will be easy to digest⠀

Ex: “Top 5 ways to use oat milk”⠀


HEADLINE THREE: Question Headlines

Your audience sees you as an expert, so asking a question tells them you are about to share some serious knowledge.⠀

Ex: “Why should you switch to oat milk?”⠀


BONUS: Catchy/Funny Headlines

Not serving up a hot tip but still want to grab their attention? Get catchy, funny, or all around punny.⠀

Ex: “How I smile at a barista when they tell me they serve oat milk.”⠀


Long story short, capture good images and make sure that first line of your caption pops, locks, and STOPS the scroll.⠀


And be sure to save this post by tapping the little bookmark button under the photo so you can go back to it when you’re creating content.


Tell me…What’s your favorite type of headline?!


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