I’ll never admit how much time I’ve spent on my Instagram Bio over the years. But one thing I’ve never changed is where it says I’m a mom & cheap wine connoisseur. ⠀

While it may seem silly, here’s the thing we have to remember…⁣⠀

Instagram allows us to humanize our brand and people want to work with PEOPLE. And the clients I’ve connected with and DMs I’ve received because of that part of my bio proves how much people want to get to know YOU.⁣⠀

So before we dig in, I want to be sure your profile photo shows your face. Unless you are a brick & mortar shop or a large team/company, DO NOT hide behind your logo…⠀

Now, let’s get your bio POPPIN!

5 Things to Include in your Instagram Bio: ⠀



This field is not the same as your Username so make it different! And because this field is searchable, include your niche here so it’s easier for your ideal clients to find you.⁣⠀



Optimize your bio by driving traffic to your website! Don’t have a website yet?! Link your Facebook or LinkedIn Page.⁣⠀



Your bio should include what you do, who you are, & your location! So start with an “I Help” statement & be very specific about who you serve/help. Then, if you’re a one-person shop, write a fun fact about you/your interests. Lastly, be sure your location is included here, too! If you have a business account, you can save characters by adding your Location under “Contact Options” then “Address” (see mine for reference).⁣⠀



This goes on the last line of your bio so it’s right above your website link. Use an arrow or downward-pointing finger emoji and prompt them to click below!⁣⠀



If you have a business page you can add these so people can easily call, email, or book with you.⁣⠀



Use line breaks & emojis so your bio is fun & easy to read!⠀


That’s it, friend!! And if you are really struggling with your bio, tag me on Instagram & I’ll send you a few tips!⠀

What are you updating in your bio today?!



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