Instead of looking at our ‘Grams as just photos and captions, we need to look at our Instagram Profiles as if they are a physical store. Here’s an analogy to really drive home how incredibly important it is to show up on Instagram Stories daily:


Your Bio is your billboard⠀

Your Grid is your storefront⠀

Your Stories are your open door⠀


Here’s why…⠀


If someone visits your profile and they tap your profile photo and there’s no active story, that’s like someone trying to walk into a store and seeing a “Closed” sign on the front door.


So you need to make darn sure you are active on Stories DAILY.⠀


And guess what?! When you’re active on Stories you’ll also see a boost in engagement on your posts. Can I get an oh heeeeyyyyy?!


So don’t overthink it. Just open that door, invite your audience in, shake hands, get to know your customers, and make that register ding.


Are you active on Stories today?


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