When it comes to Instagram, there are 3 keys to success:⁣


1. Post to your feed 3-4 times per week.⠀⁣


2. Hop on stories daily.⠀⁣


3. Engage AT LEAST 30 minutes a day.⠀ ⠀


Now before you say “Oh gaahhh another thing to do?!”, hear me out…⠀⁣


Engagement is CRUCIAL because if you aren’t actively engaging on Instagram, you aren’t as visible. But when you engage with your audience, they engage back, Instagram applauds you, and your content gets seen.⠀⁣


AND I PROMISE engaging on the ‘Gram can be fun!⠀⁣


Think of it like a daily networking event. Every time you leave a meaningful comment or send a DM it’s like handing someone your business card or shaking their hand. Pretty cool right?! 


And the engagement method I came up with below has made a huge impact on my client’s businesses (as well as my own) and taken SO much frustration out of social media.


Ready to get in there & skyrocket your growth?


30 minute Method to Increase Engagement on Instagram (aka my 10-10-10 method!)



Tell Alexa to set the timer for 30 minutes



Spend 10 mins engaging on your feed. Scroll through your newsfeed & show your audience some love! Be sure to leave meaningful comments (more than 4 words) to start a conversation.⁣



Spend 10 minutes engaging with Stories. Watch Stories & send messages! BONUS TIP: Chances are you’re missing people because they’re at the very end, so start with the last Story and work your way backwards!⁣



Spend 10 minutes engaging with hashtags. Choose 2-3 niche hashtags relevant to you & your potential clients/customers. Tap “Recent” so you are looking at the latest posts, choose a few posts you like, & engage. (Example: If your ideal client is a busy mom, search #busymomma and get connecting!)⁣


See how simple?! In just 30 minutes you’ve connected with new people & shown your audience love 💞⁣


And once you make it a daily habit and see how effective it is, you will love getting your scroll on.⠀⁣



How has engagement made a difference for you & your biz?!⁣

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