Here’s the deal…generic, popular hashtags will do nothing for you unless you’re Kim K status. So if you want to bring more traffic to your posts & build a community around your brand, niche hashtags are about to be your jam.


Niche Hashtags (hashtags with 200,000 or less posts) will ensure that your content doesn’t end up being a needle in an Instagram haystack.⁣


3 Steps to help you find, use and benefit from Niche Hashtags:



Start by searching a generic hashtag in your niche. Tap “Recent” and comb through posts to see what other hashtags people are using and tap on a few to see how many posts there are. If you find a hashtag with 200,000 or less posts AND it looks like your post belongs in there too, then you’ve found yourself a niche hashtag! OR, to make it even easier, sometimes Instagram includes “Related” hashtags (swipe for reference). As you’ll see, by searching #CreativeBiz, Instagram suggested a great group of related niche hashtags.⁣



If you want to stay on Instagram’s good side be sure you never use more than 30 hashtags in a single post, only use hashtags that apply to your post, and don’t reuse the same set of hashtags over & over again. Also, you can post your hashtags in the caption OR the comments. Either way you do it, they’ll still work to your advantage.



Don’t just use niche hashtags…INVEST in them by engaging with other posts with those hashtags & watch your community/village/tribe grow.


So get your research on, play by the rules, and connect! Simple as that, my sweet friends.⁣


How have niche hashtags made an impact on your business?!


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