When I started my business in 2014, my clients only cared about Facebook & LinkedIn.


At the time, Instagram was just fun and games.

Fast forward a few years and it became a business marketing tool…and that’s when everything changed.⁣


Back then there weren’t many resources to learn from, so I just did what I knew, which was to be social, network, and connect.


I started commenting on posts from local businesses and engaging with local hashtags because it felt natural to connect with the community I was already in.


Next thing I knew, local biz owners were DMing me left and right asking if we could work together. So while commenting on their posts was not a sales tactic, I realized I found the secret sauce.


The secret to growing a 6-figure business: Start Local and Grow Outward


By connecting with your local community & becoming a friendly IG neighbor you become approachable and increase that know, like, trust factor. And then your growth skyrockets…organically


Because social media should be social, and it’s all about growing a network that trusts you, believes in you, refers you, and cheers you on.⁣


Here are FIVE tips if you’re ready to grow your Instagram community and genuinely connect with people and businesses in your neighborhood to grow your business to 6 figures and beyond:


TIP #1: Use local hashtags and engage with them 
TIP #2: Include your location in your bio
TIP #3: Use your location in posts and stories
TIP #4: Show local businesses some love
TIP #5: Attend local networking events


I’ve worked with Realtors, network marketers, bridal gown designers, brick and mortar shops, and everything in between, and starting local has made the BIGGEST impact.⁣

And not just for my clients…but for myself as well.⁣

Ready to see incredible, mind-blowing growth and have a huge supportive community around your brand? Start connecting with your local community! And watch the magic unfold.

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