Last month I was looking through LinkedIn articles I created 5+ years ago and something stuck out immediately.⁣


While social media has changed a lot over the years my message has stayed the same:


Being authentic on social media is EVERYTHING.


Authenticity leads to connection, which leads to community, which leads to amazing growth.


People are CRAVING that human connection. They want to get to know you, relate to you, learn from you, and see what you have in common.⁣


So…are you ready for people to flock to your Instagram & stay there?!

Here are THREE ways to be authentic and thrive on Instagram:⁣



People are tired of seeing the same type of content and “perfect” photos. So stay away from stock photos and generic copy. Hire a photographer for a brand shoot or ask your friend to snap photos with you! And when you write content, be sure you are telling a story. Even if you are sharing a tip, tell the story behind it! Make your posts MEAN something.⁣


Instagram allows you to show our personality and stay top of mind. From your bio to captions to Stories, it’s so important to be (and sound) human! So be sure to write how you speak and stop hiding from Stories…SHOW YOUR SWEET FACE & make sure your brand’s voice is heard.⁣


As I always say, if you aren’t engaging on Instagram there’s no point in posting. But don’t just comment on posts…BE SOCIAL! Leave meaningful comments that strike up a conversation and start building those relationships.⁣


Being authentic leads to a supportive community around your brand that not only buys from you, but spreads the word about you! 


Tell me, friends! What does being authentic on social media mean to you?


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