Over the years my business has taken many twists and turns, and I quickly learned that trying to be everything to everyone does not work.⁣⁣


Working with people who aren’t a good fit for you and your business will drain you. But knowing who you want to work with helps you attract those soulmate clients.


You know…those awesome clients who sing your praises & just get you?! Yeah…those!⁣⁣


And the beauty of Instagram is that it allows us to get visible to them, and stay visible.⁣⁣


Here’s your to-do list if you’re ready to welcome your soulmate clients & customers:



You know the saying “your vibe attracts your tribe”? It’s true! And because there is so much power in video, using Stories every single day helps them get to know you. From valuable tips to behind the scenes views to what show you’re currently watching, documenting your day helps attract your ideal peeps.⁣⁣⁣


POST TO YOUR FEED (3-4 times a week)

Your content has to speak to them, so knowing their pain points helps you write content that helps them know, like, and trust you. Don’t forget to start with a strong headline, then provide value, and end it with a call to action to start a conversation.⁣⁣⁣



Hashtags are a surefire way to get in front of your soulmate clients. Find out what niche hashtags they use & engage with them! Spend at least 10 minutes a day searching, and make it a goal to genuinely connect with at least 3 new people a day. *SIDE NOTE: Also spend 10 minutes engaging on your Feed & 10 minutes in Stories. We can’t forget about the audience you’re already connected to…so 30 minutes a day total.⁣


No more hiding…it’s time to get front & center.⁣⁣⁣


How are you attracting soulmate clients today?!

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