Instagram’s algorithm ranks the order of posts we see in our newsfeeds based on signals we send as we engage on the app.⁣⁣


And if you want to get your content in front of more people, we have to get your audience super engaged so Instagram knows people WANT to see your content.⁣


So instead of hating on the algorithm, let’s make it your biggest fan.⁣⁣


Here are five simple ways you can increase engagement and get the algorithm hyping you UP to your audience:⁣⁣



1. Ask Your Audience To “Tap & Hold” OR Encourage Screenshots

Whenever someone “pauses” your Story to watch it longer by tapping & holding, or takes a screenshot, this tells Instagram that your audience is interested in your content so they’ll see more of it!⁣⁣

2. Use A Vertical Photo When Posting To Your Feed

You want to take up the maximum vertical space in the feed (ratio 4:5) when possible because it increases the likelihood that people will stop & notice it as they scroll.⁣⁣ 

3. Ask People To SAVE Your Posts

You know what spinach does for Popeye’s strength? That’s what Saves do for your Post. So be sure you are sharing valuable content your audience wants to see & ask them to save!⁣⁣

4. Don’t Edit Your Captions After You Post

Did you know when you edit a caption after the post has been shared, Instagram resets your engagement ranking & damages the performance of the post? So wait a day before making edits.⁣⁣

5. See Who’s Active

Always check your Insights to see what time you should post because you want your audience active so they start engaging right away. Before you post, tap the camera icon, and swipe over to “Live” to see how many users are currently active! (PLEASE NOTE: Not everyone has this so go check to see!)⁣⁣


Which hack will you try today?!



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