When people ask me how I’ve grown my business I tell them two things:⁣
1. Social Media⁣


Workshops changed the game for me and my business because they…⁣

✨ Grow community like no other⁣

✨ Help you establish authority in your field⁣

✨ Build a crazy powerful sales funnel⁣


Oh…and did I mention the street cred?! 


As business owners, it’s our job to provide value, create experiences, and share stories on social media so we can build relationships with our clients/customers.⁣


But I want you to know it’s just as important to build your community OFF of social media, too! And workshops are a great way to do it.⁣


So, let’s get planning…⁣


Here are 5 steps to planning the perfect workshop


STEP 1 – Pick A Topic & Decide Who It’s For⁣

Stuck on a theme? Use polls in Stories to ask your audience what topic they would like. Market research is key, friends.⁣


STEP 2 – Reserve Space⁣

Choose a venue that matches the theme. Hosting a Mastermind? Opt for a cozy Airbnb. Brand shoot? Find a loft with lots of natural light. Diving deep into strategy? Try a local co-working space!⁣


STEP 3 – Prep Your Slides⁣⁣

Be sure you don’t overwhelm your audience. Avoid too much text & include graphics and images to break up your amazing info. (Hint Hint…Use Canva!)⁣


STEP 4 – Create Resources⁣

Your attendees should never leave empty-handed so be sure to provide a handout with tangible steps AND include a section for notes! And don’t forget your business cards…it’s all about staying top of mind.⁣


STEP 5 – Make It Interactive⁣

Workshops should be super engaging! Have your participants collaborate and work on at least one task together so they accomplish something before they leave.⁣⁣


Ok, time to plan yours! I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.


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