While social media is not my only form of marketing, I get about 80% of my clients from…drum roll please…you guessed it!! INSTAGRAM STORIEEEES!⁣


I’ve been doing social media marketing for 7 years, and while the social media world is CONSTANTLY changing, one thing has always remained the same…people buy from people & we are craving that human connection.⁣


And since video truly connects us to our audience, Stories are THE BEST WAY (sorry for yelling but Story tips get me hyped) to get visible & stay top of mind.


So when clients tell me they aren’t growing on Instagram my answer always goes back to Stories…⁣

Not getting leads? Hop on Stories more.⁣

Not getting engagement? Hop on Stories more.⁣

Feeling frustrated or uninspired? You guessed it…hop on Stories more.⁣


So, without further ado, here are the THREE types of Stories that generate the most leads for my biz:⁣


Create an experience & show your audience what it’s like to work with you! Whether it’s a glimpse of your computer screen showing what you’re working on or a peek inside a meeting with a client, these BTS shots increase that like, know, trust factor.⁣



Establish yourself as an expert by sharing your knowledge. Your audience wants to learn from you! Think you’ll come off too salesly? Know this…if you truly love what you do, your passion will shine through.⁣



How do you do this? BE HUMAN! Share little parts of your day…what you’re doing, where you’re going, what you’re eating! Don’t believe me? I posted a Story of my family and I dancing to Baby Shark and that made someone book a call & they became a client. Did I do that Story to generate leads? No. But that human connection was what she was looking for.⁣


So if you are holding back from Stories, don’t! Because not sharing your amazingness with the world makes me sad.⁣


Promise me you’ll do at least 1 of these today. Pinky swear?! Ok good ❤️⁣


How will you show up on Stories today?


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