“Carpe the DM!” – My Husband ❤️

My cute hubby said that to me this morning and it stopped me in my tracks. Not only was it clever AF, but it reminded me that direct messages have made SUCH an incredible impact on my business.

Because DMs are where trust is established and real connections are made.


Here are 3 surefire ways to get those DMs on & poppin’.


Be sure you are active on stories every single day and share relatable content. Most often it’s the every day things that start the conversation. And don’t forget to use polls to invite your audience to engage.


Freebies are an amazing way to connect and build relationships. Offer printable content and ask your audience to DM you to receive one!


Watch people’s stories and reply! From Quick Replies to answering polls to sending a voice/video message, sliding into someone’s DMs in a genuine way will not make you a creep…promise!!


Long story short, DMs are where the party’s at. So I got one question for y’all…how will you Carpe The DM, friends?!


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