Stories are EVERYTHING when it comes to building your brand on Instagram.


I repeat…E V E R Y T H I N G.


Your audience wants to get to know the person behind the brand so it’s time to add these features to your stories to make them fun, interactive, and discoverable.


Here are 3 features that will help you build your brand on Instagram



Hashtags and location stickers make your stories searchable and are an incredible way to increase exposure for your brand. Including just one hashtag (you are allowed up to 10) expands your story’s audience and can quadruple your views (if not more). #EntrepreneurLife is a favorite of mine, and when I use it in my stories, my views more than double !And just today I included #TargetDollarSpot in a story and within 4 hours I had over 1,000 views (screenshot in today’s story). In addition to hashtags, the location sticker makes you discoverable to anyone searching that location. AND you’ll most likely end up in that city’s “Location Story” which means even more views!



Giving tips or telling a story? Keep in mind that a large number of your audience has you on mute. Whether they’re putting their baby down for a nap or they’re sitting in a boring meeting, they may be watching your story but they might not hear it. So be sure to type out what you are saying. It doesn’t have to be every word, but a short summary will keep your audience engaged even when they can’t hear you.



Polls and questions not only grab people’s attention, but they’re also a great way to get to know your audience and encourage them to interact with your story. Use these tools to invite people to engage. AND use them for market research to find out what kind of content your audience wants to see from you.


Do you use these features in your Instagram stories? Which ones have you found to be the most helpful?


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