As small business owners, we know the importance of first impressions, which is why a compelling and engaging bio is oh no necessary.


A captivating bio not only explains what you do but also shows people who you are. This makes you relatable and humanizes your brand.


Ready to optimize your bio? Let’s do it!


But first, does your profile photo show your face? If it doesn’t, change it. People want to see YOU, so don’t hide behind your logo.


Is the photo your beautiful face now?! Ok SWEET! Let’s get your bio POPPIN.


Here’s what to include in each field:


This field is searchable so it’s important to include your actual name AND keywords that reflect your niche so it’s easy for people (and your ideal clients) to find you! So make your Name different from your Username. For example, my Username is “BoutiqueSocialDC” but my Name is “Shannon | Social Media Manager”.


This one’s easy…link your website or blog here! Don’t have one yet? Include your Facebook Business Page or LinkedIn page.


This is the big one but also the fun part! Your bio is what sets you apart and shares a little bit about what you do and who you are. So be sure to use line breaks and don’t be afraid to use emojis to express your personality.

The body of your bio breaks down into these 3 parts:


  1. WHAT YOU DO: Start with an “I help/I serve/I coach” statement. Explain what problem you solve while qualifying your potential client. Here are a couple of examples: “I coach small businesses grow their business.” Or “I help busy women to feel better in their own skin.”
  2. WHO YOU ARE: Next, share a little bit about yourself! Tell users your location and include something personal that expresses your personality. Are you a coffee lover? Yogi? Book worm? Pizza fanatic? A mom who loves solo trips to Target? Choose a few things about yourself to help people relate to you.
  3. CALL TO ACTION: Your CTA should be the very last line in your bio because it goes right above the link to your website, so encourage users to click the link below by using an arrow or downward pointing finger emoji. For example, if you’re in skin care it could say “Good skin starts here”. If you’re a wedding photographer it could say “Let’s capture your perfect day.”


If you have a personal account you’re all set!

Have a business account?! But wait…there’s more!



Under “Business Information” you can add a Category & Contact Options!

Adding these buttons allow people to easily call, email, or see your location. You can also customize your bio even further with an Action Button! If you take a peek at my Instagram page you’ll see a “Book” button next to Email. This takes people directly to my scheduling page.


Phew…we did it! Can I get a woop woop?! Check out mine below!

Need help writing your bio? That’s what I’m here for! Schedule a call with me today and let’s make your bio shine together.



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