My husband and I were chatting the other day about the follow/unfollow game (if you aren’t sure what that is, I rant about it a lot in my “Insta Thangs” Highlights), and how it frustrates me to no end.


I told him how it makes me sad that people think this is an effective marketing strategy and he replied, “It doesn’t make sense because it should be more about quality. Because quality LEADS to quantity.”


I mean, mic drop…Am I right?!


You see…succeeding on social is ALL about making quality connections. And those real, genuine followers lead to more followers who are truly engaged with YOU.


Then it snowballs and next thing you know you have built an entire community around your brand and you’re booking clients left and right.


And I am here to testify not just for myself, but for my clients as well.


It’s not about having 10,000 followers or 1,000 likes on a photo. It is ALL about building relationships.


Sure we want to grow our audience. But, like my boy Tyler McCall says, if you have a ton of followers who aren’t engaged with your brand and aren’t investing in you, what’s the point?!


And those quality followers and future followers of yours? They’re more than a number….they’re your friends.


They chose to follow you because something about you resonated with them. So share your journey! Tell them your story. Show them love and engage. By doing this you will build relationships, establish trust, and grow like crazy.


Ready to build more quality connections? I challenge you to genuinely engage with your audience today.


  • Search hashtags and connect.
  • Share a post on why you started or send a direct message (or even better…a voice message) to someone who shows you love on your posts.
  • Thank them for their support and for following your journey and get ready to watch your audience and business grow.


What step will you take today to build genuine relationships?!




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